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 I hate my stomach and my thighs,

I hate my hair and my skin,

I hate how my clothes look on me,

I hate my voice,

I hate how I talk to people,

I hate my personality,

I hate that everything gets to me,

I hate that i eat too much,

I hate that I care way too much,

I hate that I’m never smart enough,

I hate that I’m not enough for anyone,

I just want to be everything that I’m not. “

(via fightingthedevilwithin)


I hate food, I fucking hate food.
I wish someone knew about how I feel.. It became harder to hide it.. I’ve been doing this for so long I couldn’t even remember when it starts..
I hate myself, I fucking hate myself.
Why can’t I be strong? Why am I always forced to binge and overthink?
I want to be pretty.. But every time I try - things get worse..
I need help.. Please someone help me.. I want it to stop..

I am so sorry.. I first created this tumblr to feel better, to share pictures and everything.. Not to complain about myself all the time..
I guess I’m even bad at blogging..


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